Wednesday, July 17, 2019

We're in Nova Scotia now

When we left our boondock camp on the PEI coast, it was with no clear destination in mind. Should we head to Newfoundland? Cabot Trail? Digby? It's a tough job. :-))

So we continued heading easterly along the northeast PEI coast, dropping in to North Lake Harbour, the self-proclaimed Tuna Capital of the World. They export most of their tuna catch to Japan for use as sushi. The harbour had lots of good-looking boats, wonder why they weren't out fishing?

Since we had reached the east end of PEI around Montague, and were about the same distance from the Wood Islands ferry as from the Confederation Bridge, we decided to see if we could get on a ferry to Nova Scotia today. Pat had pointed out the driving distance savings for the ferry instead of the bridge if we were heading into eastern Nova Scotia anyway. You only pay when leaving PEI, and the ferry is quite a bit more expensive than taking the bridge off-island, but sometimes the ferry still makes sense.

As we approached the ferry at Wood Islands, we could tell by the traffic that one had just arrived from Nova Scotia. We got there about 11:45, bought a ticket and were directed to a line. We didn't have to actually stop, were just waved on to the ferry. So we decided to go to Nova Scotia.

It was kinda neat to watch our progress over the water on the GPS. For most of the crossing, the GPS had a line for the ferry route, and we followed it very closely:

A bit later though, the pilot and the GPS differed some:

We were betting on the pilot though, and would have won. We made it in to port ok.

After stopping in to a couple of campgrounds along the NS coast, up from Pictou, we decided to head for town. The campgrounds we tried were fairly pricey, but did include lots of mosquitoes at no extra charge. Not the right combination for us.

Tonight we're in Whidden Park cg in Antigonish NS. This is where we stopped when we had a trailer problem that needed fixing, on our way to Newfoundland a number of years ago. Still a pricey park, but walking distance to a number of things in town, and no bugs around. So nice to sit out without being bugged (although there are quite a few kids having noisy fun here).

Rainy evening tonight, but still warm.


  1. We were in North Lake Harbour to watch them bring a huge tuna to the dock, trim it, pack it in ice and send it off to Japan.

  2. Have taken that ferry a few times before the bridge is a nice alternative sand got you into Nova Scotia nicely , enjoy the sights and more fun travels.

  3. Great ur in nova scotia now!
    Great to follow u both on ur travels!
    Loved the ferry ride , too,,,