Sunday, August 18, 2019

A rainy day tour of Dalvay by the Sea

It was raining enough this morning that we decided to put off our bike ride to tomorrow. Instead the 4 of us toured a fine old house that became a hotel along the way, Dalvay by the Sea.

The inside likely looks much the same as it did many years ago. If you like touring grand old homes you'd enjoy dropping in here. They welcome visitors, and the coffee is free:

Looking down at the main entrance

Common areas have been used by some famous people over the years:

This is a real working fireplace, with a fire maintained all day every day

A hallway to some of the rooms

Clawfoot tubs in some of the ensuite bathrooms
Nice place to spend some time, especially when the weather is iffy like today. 

After Dalvay we dropped in to Pat's brother Kurt's place for lunch, just down the road from Dalvay. That's the Queen's Point Road reference on today's map.

It seems quite a while since we've had lobster, so tonight 3 of us dined on homemade lobster rolls. Pat doesn't care for lobster but he was out playing soccer, so it seemed a good time for it:

The afternoon turned nice, and this evening at 7:30 it's a sunny balmy 22C. Another fine day on PEI.

Here's a map of today's approximate route:

Friday, August 16, 2019

PEI Old Home Week fair, bike ride

Harvest time in PEI
Today Cathie and Nancy went to see the exhibits at the major PEI fair for Old Home Week, while Pat and I went for another bike ride.

Here's a really nice rug hooking from yesterday's exhibit at Summerside, over 3 ft tall and inspired by leaf fossils:

Here are some of the things that caught Cathie's eye at the Fair today:

A LOT of setup work

Counted cross stitch

This amazing hooked rug (about 4x3 feet) won a special prize

At a later rest stop...

Meanwhile, Pat and I were cycling on a section of the Confederation Trail that runs out of the town of Hunter River. Like most of the Trail, this is based on old rail line. There are some long grades but no steep ups or downs. This was a highlands section, with many views of the countryside alongside the Trail:

A sparkling little stream crossed under the Trail
Part of the Trail

Horse jumping training ground. 4 horses are barely visible on the hills above.
A PEI gravel pit, called a shale pit here. Most of the stones are relatively soft sandstone.

Another 12 km ride today for the guys, and a lot of walking for the gals. We're all moving a bit slower tonight.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

A loop drive around some of PEI

Today Pat and Nancy had things to do, so Cathie and I went on a little tour. Some areas we've been to before, and some were new to us. Just a nice drive on a beautiful day.

First we headed to Summerside, via some back roads. This blossoming potato field caught our eye:

Once in Summerside we stopped by their waterfront area. There was an Arts and Crafts exhibit going on so we went in. Not too many exhibits, but high quality:

This fellow was showing some of his wood carvings
Look at the detail on this one!
He had a table set up outside the main entrance, and was working on a new carving. He doesn't sell his models, he's just a dedicated enthusiastic carver.

Once inside there were more and varied exhibits. Here's a small sampling:

A knitted vest, asking $300.

Golden eagle, not for sale. It was a large bird!

Leaving Summerside we followed the coastline as much as possible, dropping in to several little PEI Provincial day-use parks:

Picnic lunch at Linkletter park. See the PEI bridge on the water horizon?

Union Corner, another accessible beach for families, free day use access

So nice that much of PEI coastline is so accessible to residents and tourists

An interesting cottage design:

We drove by a large array of floats, likely a mussel-raising operation:

We don't often see this large an area of floats

Later we stopped by Malpeque Bay to see about a few oysters for Cathie and Nancy, and also picked up some scallops for a suppertime picnic:

A lot of fishing boats dock here, a pretty harbour
Adding up and packaging our purchases
Scallops in the skillet shortly afterwards, at the nearby Cabot Point day use Prov Park area

 After dinner we carried on, stopping at the beach near Adams Beach Cottages. The road into the Adams Cottages is a public road with parking at the end near a beautiful beach:

We stayed a week at the front cottage (Barbara's) with friends a number of years ago
A 2-minute walk to the beach. There are a few people here, further up the beach

The same beach section, from the water. Only knee-deep here.

 Here's a map of today's route:

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A different view of the Charlottetown waterfront

Today we were invited to join some of the journalists doing a preview tour of the makeover of an old rail terminal building opening soon. It will be occupied by many little shops with mostly local products, and located right near the cruise ship docks, for likely obvious reasons.

The outside has been dressed up a bit, but much the same as before:

The inside is a marvelous airy space:

Holy Fox does healthy sandwich types of things

Small old-fashioned doughnuts adorned creatively

Interesting juices etc, all sounding very healthy

Something for everyone...

... and right next door

Various beeswax-based products, attractively packaged by the bee-keepers

Assorted pottery at the Happy Potter

And for something with a bit more kick:

Nicely rated for heat, this 12 was the hottest we saw

An oyster bar, with (of course) some hot sauce featured
There is an upper mezzanine lounge on either side, with nice harbour views

Seating on the main floor as well

Construction of the new cruise ship dock space is progressing nearby. It's a big project:

Extending the concrete dock space. These cranes are on barges and Large.

A small(ish) land-based crane going to pick up some structural steel

Cruise ship passengers must pass through some security on the way to public areas

Busy modern marina space contrasts with old church steeples nearby

Cathie caught a Lobster

Statue dedicated to the rare polka-dotted seal

 A short 5-minute drive to the harbour on this beautiful day.