Monday, July 22, 2019

Linwood Harbour NS to Salsman Prov Park NS

Today was a short drive to another NS Provincial Park. First we visited a wharf near where we camped last night. Very pretty, but where's the beach the signs pointed us at? Never did find an accessible beach. Nice little drive though:

Safety First?
Then since it was sort of on the way, we went into Antigonish to get a replacement for the step we use to get in and out of the van. Our old one had been repaired and the repair had cracked, so not safe to use. It needs a good shop that knows how to weld aluminum. Our new plastic one will get us by until then.

Then on to Salsman Provincial Park. We'd been here before and lucked in to a really nice site. We hoped but didn't expect to get it. No problem today, for several hours we were the only campers in the whole park! It's a bit out of the way, but several beautiful waterfront sites:
Even some firewood left by an earlier camper

A kingfisher was hard at work nearby
Nice lunch with Sugar Snap peas from the Mabou market, and local smoked salmon
For supper we tried out our new butane stove. I see a lot of nomads using these because they are smaller and lighter than the usual camp stoves. We carry it to use when we want to cook outside. It worked really well for us.

Very stable in use

My homemade wind deflector

Magnets hold the deflector sides in as needed

Packed and ready to stow away
Tonight we cooked some scallops outside, they tasted great:

Here is a map of today's route. If you read this as an email and want to see the map, select the blog link in the email to see the web version of the blog ( 


  1. Looks like a great lunch and a nice campsite.

  2. What a pretty camping spot!
    Thats great,,,
    Great looking meals,, too,,
    Enjoy the map,,,
    Have a great day!

  3. looks like a wonderful camping spot keep enjoying you time love the travels.