Saturday, July 20, 2019

A day around Baddeck NS

We had a nice low-activity day today, a bit of roaming around Baddeck and area.

It did not start well. On the way into Baddeck we spotted a diy car wash and the door looked high enough for the van. Well it wasn't quite. It was high enough for the van roof, and for the vent and lid on top, but not for the tall black cover over the vent. Some horrible noises ensued, and it looked like I had really messed up our fan vent and cover. What do we do now, being the weekend and all.

I called a couple of RV repair places, the closest 35 km way, and the other 45 km. No way for any help until Monday, and even then iffy.

We drove down into Baddeck, hoping to find some kind of repair place. The local Esso station said it did repairs. They did have a step ladder tall enough to let me reach to the vent. Once I got a good look at it, I could see the damage wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared. Nothing broken, just the mounting tabs for the black vent cover bent way out of shape. Nothing but a scraped cover for damage, and it all looks weather-tight still. PHEW!

After some judicious straightening, we were good to go. The good fellow refused any payment for the use of his ladder, so I filled up our diesel tank as a thank you. I'll likely have to do some touchup later but all is good for now.

The we dropped into the Alexander Graham Bell attraction in Baddeck. It's a National Historic Site, and very interesting to browse. I'm sure we all know Bell was an exceptional man; the exhibits here fill in the picture, and we learned some things we hadn't known or remembered.
The outside of the Bell site
A Silver Dart replica, fairly recently finished
We browsed the Baddeck harbour for a bit on this beautiful day:
Small lighthouse just across the way, a 60 km drive to get there though
Some pretty boats in the harbour
Cathie having a chat with Alec and Mabel

Later we had to stop for fish&chips, nice view from our table inside:

After lunch we just headed back to the campsite, sat the outside chairs in some shade and fired up the Kobos.


  1. Really hate when the roof damage happens but at least it was not too bad, Fish and chips and reading the Kobos is a great way to wind down your day as we like to do as well.

    1. We use the Kobos all the time at home, but they work especially well for travelling. We have good cellular internet this trip, so can be online a lot more, whether for books or reading others blogs. Still using Koodo, but upgraded my plan, lots of data deals around this summer.

  2. Whew!
    Glad yr van ok! Lovely spot,,,
    See baddeck has a yarn shop, too,,, cathie!
    Love seeing these pics!
    Great to wake up to read these while having my coffee!
    Cooler this am,,, got lots of jobs to do ,,,
    Safe travels,,,,

    1. Yes, of course Cathie had a visit to the yarn shop. Lots of nice stuff in there (or so I'm told).