Monday, December 30, 2019

Bayfield update

We've spent the past couple of weeks getting settled into our new home base and meeting new neighbours. Cathie even serenaded us all at a get-together with karaoke! Sorry, I'm not allowed to post video of that. :))

We have a completed driveway and the first pass of topsoil around the place now.

The marks are from the sawcuts in the concrete drive

 Inside the garage was pretty much a disaster zone for a while:

Breaking down the cardboard for recycling

But yesterday we got the car parked in the garage for the first time, a red-letter day!

We did have some hikes in the area as a break from unpacking. It's about a 15 minute walk to the lakeshore from here, through a nearby campground. This is what it looked like at the shore a few days ago, pretty wintry:

Today though, very different (the same tree as above):

It's hard to get the scale of these waves, but they were sure rolling in. Between the wind and the waves there was a lot of roaring going on. We've had quite the mild spell.

This the end of a very momentous year for us, and we probably won't be blogging as often for a while now. We'd like to send big Thank You to everyone that has followed along with our journey this year, and hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Friday, December 13, 2019

We're moved in to our new home now

Yep, we're moved in , and as of this morning we have a driveway. Dang, now we'll have to clean out the garage pretty soon!

The weather cooperated Thursday, cold but clear. The movers arrived from Owen Sound just before 10 am, about the same time we arrived from Waterloo. By 12:40 the movers were gone, and we were left with a very messy house.

Loading via the back patio
Boxes everywhere
Bayfield Mews Lane lit up
 Luckily we were up pretty early this morning, as the concrete guys showed up pretty early. It was interesting to see the effort involved. It took most of the morning, but all done except the curing.

Contemplating the day

They had to encourage the concrete to flow at first

The center fellow had an engine-driven vibrating float

Teamwork, a very physical job


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Bayfiield Mews move update

Today we were in Bayfield checking on progress. There are still some minor things getting done inside, like paint touchups. Still no driveway, but we're trying to accept that for now, wanting to get moved in. We're closing on the unit tomorrow (Wednesday) and the movers are coming the next day with all our stuff (we hope!).

The kitchen is basically done, except for cleanup
"The weather outside is frightful...", but the fireplace will be delightful
Looking out the patio doors - snowing pretty good for a while

This past weekend we were in Cambridge overnight again, and had a family hike in the F.W. Dickson Wilderness Area. When we lived in Kitchener and the kids were younger, we used to hike over here quite regularly. I wouldn't really call it wilderness (!) but it's a nice place for a short hike.

Hopefully the next update will be from our new permanent home.


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Another visit to Bayfield Mews - the Countdown is ON!

Nope, no driveway pour done yet. However we have been assured we will be able to move in next Wed, Dec 11. The moving truck can get beside the back patio and move in from there. This is likely a better option than parking in front, even if the driveway was in. Other than that we can live without a driveway for now, but it shouldn't have to be for long.

It's official, we have a house number!
The fireplace surround is almost finished

Bathroom taps and backsplash are installed

Kitchen is pretty much ready for appliances. This is the stove slot.

The in-floor heat was turned on yesterday, and it was 75F inside today. Warmer than we will want, but good to know it's working. 

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Weekend in Cambridge Ont

Cambridge- pedestrian bridge over the Grand River

This weekend we visited our daughter and family in Cambridge Ont, historically Galt Ont. The Grand River runs right through Cambridge, and they live a couple of blocks from the river. 

Like a lot of older waterfront communities, Cambridge/Galt has had a number of severe floods in past years, and has had repairs to make. Here is a historical picture of a downtown street during a 1974 flood:


In more recent years the flood protection measures included adding dikes to contain the river. Much of the dike system includes beautiful stonework, new but historic-looking. A number of Murdoch TV series episodes have outside scenes shot in the Galt area, both the riverside and historic stone buildings. 

Lights on part of downtown Cambridge City Hall

Looking across the Grand River towards part of downtown Cambridge

There are a number of riverside walking trails, both in the downtown area and more rural.We had a hike Saturday on part of a long hiking/biking path:

A number of Bald Eagles and Osprey nest along the river, taking fish from the waters. Right now some of the side trails are closed until spring, to avoid disturbing the early nesters.

Some of the Osprey nest really close to town

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Disappointing progress at Bayfield Mews today

Lots of geese at Wellesley pond this morning

We expected the driveway concrete to have been poured during this lovely mild spell, but nope. The concrete guys are off on another project, hoping to get ours done this week still though. As far as we can see, our official Dec 11 move-in date looks pretty iffy right now, mostly because of the lagging concrete work.

On a brighter note it turned into a beautiful mostly-sunny day, and inside work is progressing.

Bathroom vanity tops are installed, waiting for plumbing now.

Kitchen island top is installed, and most trim is done.

Fireplace mantle is coming along, checking stain colours today


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Bayfield Mews weekly (more or less) update

Another visit to our upcoming home in Bayfield Mews today. The morning started out overcast but mild, and cleared up nicely as we got closer to Bayfield, going up to a sunny 7C there today.

As usual we wish there was more progress, but it's coming along. The trim guys were hard at work inside today, sawdust everywhere. Outside the front porch concrete was poured and curing. Driveway and walkway were done for the first 2 places in our block of four, and ours should be done Friday.

Concreting the next-door driveway

Next door all done and curing now
Our appliances arrived while we were there (this was planned). They will be installed next week:

It seems the wrong time of year for a haircut, but my last one was in Nova Scotia about 4 months ago. Some woman (Cathie) likes to snap a picture of this big event, this time at a Bayfield barbershop:

To top the day off, we had a very pleasant lunch with Al and Kelly from the Bayfield Bunch, at a local eatery.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Another week of progress at Bayfield Mews

Snowy trail in Waterloo Ont

There has been steady progress on our new place in Bayfield Ontario. The official possession date is still Dec 11, 4 weeks from today:

Kitchen cupboards and topless island are in.

Ceiling fans and most light fixtures are installed

Trim work will start tomorrow, should be done early next week

Vanity in second bathroom

Vanity and tile floor in main bathroom

Floor tile in, in front hallway
 We should be able to move appliances in later next week, once the trim is done. Tick-Tock!