Friday, February 21, 2020

Bayfield Mews construction Block 14

They brought the big guns in today for the major part of the Block 14 (4 connected units) roof truss install. The much smaller hi-lift that fell over a couple of days ago was recovered, but wounded as you can see from these pics:

This prong should be flat on the ground

A few new wrinkles

This is the woods it fell into

Today was the major lift for the roof trusses. This had been planned before the smaller lift fell over, as you can see a higher lift is needed for this stage.

Lots of side support for this crane

Picking trusses from one side of the road over to the other side

It was a good day for it. Little wind, no new snow. They got started about 9am and the block was all done by about 3:30.

The one block left to do hasn't yet started, but it will likely be done this year. That will finish the 55 units in the development that started building some 11 years ago. The planning phases started almost 20 years ago, just a gleam in the eye of some forward thinkers.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Some excitement at the Mews today

It's been a while since we have posted to our blog. We've mostly been doing all the usual settling-in things, finding places for all our stuff, getting rid of the moving garbage (masses of cardboard box residues) etc. Lately we've been working on getting a new doctor, optometrist, all those changes after moving to a new area. Not too exciting to anyone but us.

We have been doing quite a bit of walking though. The top picture is from a lookout about 20 minutes walk from our place, overlooking Lake Huron. The lake is still mostly open, it's been a mild winter here. Mild, but we're happy to not be camping out in our van!

Another block of 4 units is under construction here at Bayfield Mews. Chilly work for the guys. They pre-assemble sections of the roof structures:

...and lift them on to the roofs of the new units:

Today though, something went awry, when the hi-lift loader got a bit tipsy:

Luckily nobody was hurt, and the loader will soon be back in action. Lifting it up will be a delicate operation though.

Back in snowy January we had a nice hike in the nearby Bannockburn Conservation Area

The web site has lots of no-snow pictures, we expect to be hiking there again. Spring is on the way, although there's a nippy wind out of the Northwest today.