Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Another Boondocking day

We enjoyed the boondock spot we had found and the following day was too nice to waste driving, so stayed put for another day. A number of locals used the spot for shore access too, and all were friendly to us.

Here are some pictures from around our camp spot:

Our van, taken from the beach

A nearby freshwater pond from Cow River watershed

Cow River delta
Cow River outlet meeting the salt water

Beach, and van parking spot

Tidal change for the beach
Always erosion going on

Solo beach walk, across Cow River

This edge will soon be gone. Those ruts are cracks just back from the cliff face.
Evening walk

Some locals fishing the surf. They caught something too!



  1. What a wonderful boon docking spot sure worth spending another day there enjoying the scenery.

  2. So lovely. My kind of camping for sure. We may go to pei this fall after we watch grant play soccer at UNB. Visit Sydney in Ottawa on the way home.

  3. What an idyllic life you guys lead!

  4. Somehow missed seeing this one!
    How lovely is that!