2014 Sprinter Van

The white piece in the doorway is the end of a cabinet on that side. Our Coleman stove (since replaced by a built-in) is open on top of it.

The Van:
- a basic 2-seat Mercedes Sprinter cargo van 2500 model, with  the 144 inch wheelbase and high roof
- 4 cylinder diesel, 7 speed automatic transmission
- cargo windows in the side slider door and the rear doors
- upgraded seats, rotating seat bases, auxiliary coach battery.

The conversion floorplan is basically similar to many others. We're fortunate enough to be vertically challenged, so have a bed in the rear where we sleep across the van. The bed is 48 inches wide by a bit under 6 feet long. It's set fairly high, leaving 27 inches clear height underneath for storage of lawn chairs and the like.

Cupboards 36 inches high with countertops run to the front on each side, leaving an opening at the sliding door of course. No upper cabinets at all. I tried to leave 28 inches for the center aisle, and mostly that's the open aisle width.

- Fantastic Fan, Porta-potti, ARB 12/110 volt chest-style compressor fridge. Both the Porta-potti and the fridge roll out into the aisle from the side cupboards, at floor level.
- sink is a bar sink and tap package from Home Depot
- 5 gallon water container under the sink, 12v demand pump moving water to the tap. We carry other water containers too.
- grey water is another 5-gal container under the sink.
- stove is 2-burner built into the countertop near the door

- I mostly used Roxul rockwool insulation in the walls. This seems to be rarely used in vans, but to quote the literature, it's "non-combustible, vapor permeable, water repellent and sound absorbent". If it does get wet it doesn't matte up and settle like fiberglass can. I added a layer of vapor barrier plastic over the insulation. The van seems quieter inside overnight to us than our various trailers did.
- ceiling is just a layer of reflexit (?) foil, kind of aluminum-coated bubble wrap common in vans, behind the factory interior roof liner.
- walls are clad by 3mm (1/8 inch) 3-ply Baltic Birch plywood
- mattress is 8 inch latex foam, about the most expensive accessory in the van.
- I used a piece of regular 3/4 plywood from Home Depot under the mattress, and used Baltic Birch plywood in various thicknesses for other construction. I kept the plywood as thin and light as I could for each application.
- for cabinet frames I used Basswood, usually 3/4 inch square strips. Basswood is fine-grained, light and strong, and much more split-resistant than Pine, at least the pine we get in Canada.

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