Wednesday, July 10, 2019

From Mactaquac NB to Stratford PEI

After a nice cool and quiet night at Mactaquac Provincial Park, we headed out about 8am. We are supposed to be in PEI today, so decided to switch to Trans Canada #2 today after the more leisurely sideroads yesterday. 

Not much happened on through NB except for a nice easy drive on TCH Hwy 2. We decided to stop in the Moncton Costco for a browse and mall walk break. The GPS took us right to the Costco but it wasn't there. It had moved last November.

They had the new address posted, on Granite Drive, so we did a route to that address. Unfortunately the GPS didn't know anything about any Granite Drive, so it took us to Greenwich Dr instead. Very kind. That's in a residential subdivision on the edge of Moncton, no Costco there. The Garmin GPS maps were definitely lacking here. I had updated the GPS maps before we left home, so they were as current as they get.

Google Maps on the phone knew all about the new Costco location  when we thought to try Google. If you're looking for the Moncton Costco, it's at 140 Granite Drive, just north of #2 at ext 459.

It didn't seem too long after that before the PEI bridge showed up:
On the PEI bridge

The highest bridge point coming up

Once over the bridge we visited Gateway Village, the PEI tourism welcome spot. It was pretty busy today, with lots of big-rig RV's around. 

The famous Anne of Green Gables

Cathie's sister Nancy and her hubby Pat live in Stratford PEI, just across the harbour from Charlottetown. There's always something to see around here:
2 cruise ships in at Charlottetown. Only one at a time can moor now, so building another mooring where the cranes are visible

A closeup of the moored ship

Nancy's back yard is in bloom

More of Nancy's yard
Nancy whipped up some lobster rolls and salad for a light supper:

Today's route, courtesy of Google Maps:


  1. I like the map! You'll have to explain to me how you do it.

    1. I used Google Maps web site, got it to calculate a route map, then used the Microsoft Snipper Tool to extract the part I wanted. Snipper is on all Windows 10 PC's (I think), in the App list (via the Start button) as "Snip and Sketch". Save the resulting Snip as a jpg file, and include it in the blog as a regular picture.
      There are likely better ways, but this is what I've come up with so far. I'm not very good at Google Maps but I'm learning.

  2. What a pretty spot!
    Gorgeous view!
    You had a good drive yesterday!
    Dinner looks great,,,
    Have a fun visit!

  3. It looks like a wonderful trip so far! I was just mentioning to Sandy this morning that we should plan a trip East next year.

    1. Be sure to plan for the weather we're getting too!

  4. That does it! lobster rolls tonight.

  5. Gotta love PEI such beautiful countryside.I like your map, some practice with the google maps and will do what you want , the map on the bottom of my blog is interactive right from google maps that will allow you to navigate it , I just have to update on google maps and automatically changes on the blog, too cool.
    Continue to enjoy your travels.

    1. Thanks for the Maps tip George, that sounds neat. I'll have to get a lesson sometime.

    2. I have been doing it for years It is pretty easy for me. but really need to show you if you around where ever we are stop by and can get you going. Bring you computer. Once I got my Mac in 2009 I had to find alternatives to streets and trips and actually like Suzie still uses S &T on her PC though.