Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Disappointing progress at Bayfield Mews today

Lots of geese at Wellesley pond this morning

We expected the driveway concrete to have been poured during this lovely mild spell, but nope. The concrete guys are off on another project, hoping to get ours done this week still though. As far as we can see, our official Dec 11 move-in date looks pretty iffy right now, mostly because of the lagging concrete work.

On a brighter note it turned into a beautiful mostly-sunny day, and inside work is progressing.

Bathroom vanity tops are installed, waiting for plumbing now.

Kitchen island top is installed, and most trim is done.

Fireplace mantle is coming along, checking stain colours today


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Bayfield Mews weekly (more or less) update

Another visit to our upcoming home in Bayfield Mews today. The morning started out overcast but mild, and cleared up nicely as we got closer to Bayfield, going up to a sunny 7C there today.

As usual we wish there was more progress, but it's coming along. The trim guys were hard at work inside today, sawdust everywhere. Outside the front porch concrete was poured and curing. Driveway and walkway were done for the first 2 places in our block of four, and ours should be done Friday.

Concreting the next-door driveway

Next door all done and curing now
Our appliances arrived while we were there (this was planned). They will be installed next week:

It seems the wrong time of year for a haircut, but my last one was in Nova Scotia about 4 months ago. Some woman (Cathie) likes to snap a picture of this big event, this time at a Bayfield barbershop:

To top the day off, we had a very pleasant lunch with Al and Kelly from the Bayfield Bunch, at a local eatery.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Another week of progress at Bayfield Mews

Snowy trail in Waterloo Ont

There has been steady progress on our new place in Bayfield Ontario. The official possession date is still Dec 11, 4 weeks from today:

Kitchen cupboards and topless island are in.

Ceiling fans and most light fixtures are installed

Trim work will start tomorrow, should be done early next week

Vanity in second bathroom

Vanity and tile floor in main bathroom

Floor tile in, in front hallway
 We should be able to move appliances in later next week, once the trim is done. Tick-Tock!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

And even more Bayfield Mews progress

Since we had a bit of sun this morning we decided to head over to Bayfield (from Waterloo where we are staying) to pick up any mail and check the undoubtedly amazing progress since Sunday. We didn't get much mail, just flyers, but there has been noticeable construction progress. Things are happening.

On the way over we noticed a large white object in a field by the road:

A lone swan in the cornfield stubble

If you look carefully in the center, you'll see some Canada Goose buddies nearby

Our stopped car made the Canada Geese nervous enough to take to the air
Also on the way over, near Nithburg, we saw a sign for a horse breed we've never heard of before, Bashkir Curly:

There has been noticeable progress inside and out at our Mews place:

The trim guys were hard at work on the block, might be done today

The front trim is close to done. Grading has been done for drive and walkway concrete

The gas fireplace is roughed in, and the vinyl plank flooring is done

The master bedroom walls and floor

Our block is Lucky #13. Block 14 has started (4 more units) on the other side of the road from us, leaving just the 4 units in block 15 to be started next year:

Sunday, November 3, 2019

More Bayfield Mews progress

We were over to Bayfield today, a nicer day for a drive. No construction workers today, so no chance of interfering with them. We couldn't get in the house though, so inside pictures were taken through windows.

The brickwork is all done now, interior painting is well underway, and floor tile is being laid:

Den / second bedroom

From front door down the hall, tile is half installed

Looking in the rear window towards the kitchen wall

Master bedroom. Tile laid in master bath and closet.

Looking out the front hallway

Gas fireplace exhaust
 It's getting there.