Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The Bald Eagle fledglings are getting restless

Sunset from Pioneer Park Bayfield

Here are a few pictures from some recent outings around our area.

I think this large tree is a chestnut, right along the highway in town:


A few days ago we hiked some nice trails at the George G. Newton Nature Reserve:

Interesting fungi (fungal?) growths

Al did his usual great job on pictures from his hike in the same area, in a recent Bayfield Bunch blog.


Playing with "Night Sight" mode on the cell phone cameras about 9:30 pm got a couple of nice moonlit scenes from our back patio:

That's the moon up there

Barb and George all lit up across the way

Last evening we headed over to see if we could see any action at the nearby Bald Eagle nest. Lots of action! The eaglets are getting restless and look like they will soon be flying.

Here's Dad keeping an eye on things, a few days ago

Last evening Mom was on guard at the nest:

Both chicks are getting big
Crowded by sibling's wing

They kept an eye on us

A little stretch and display

Oh Yeah? I'll show you!

Now kids, behave yourselves

Ready to soar soon