Saturday, November 14, 2020

A week of Hiking, biking and migratory birds

Fall is starting to wind down at the Bayfield Mews. A couple of weeks ago there was still some nice colour here:


Just over a week ago we rode another section of the G2G trail (G2G link) and the colours were mostly gone. Except for the winds it was still a pleasant ride though.

We wanted to complete the section between Milverton and Millbank, and decided to start in Millbank this time, heading west to the Milverton detour where we left off last time:

The parking area in Millbank, just behind Anna Maes's

Alas, Anna Mae's restaurtant was too busy for us today

This will likely be our last G2G trail ride this year. The bikes are cleaned and hung up in the garage for the winter (sigh!).

This past Monday, thanks to Al's Bayfield Bunch post, we had a pleasant 3km walk on a trail right in Goderich that we didn't know about.

It was quite windy one day when we walked to the Lake Huron shore from home:

A few days ago we were on our way somewhere, and noticed large groups of white birds gathered in some fields. We assumed they were seagulls, but the last group were migrating swans, visible with binoculars but too far away for our cell phone cameras.

So yesterday we got up and about a bit earlier than usual and headed south of Grand Bend to where we had seen large groups of migrating swans in the spring. We didn't expect to find swans exactly where they are in the spring, since that's just a large area of field that floods in the spring, but thought maybe we'd see some along the way.

Not far from the spring viewing  area (which is on Greenway Road, right behind the Lambton Museum off Hwy 21) we did find quite a few migrating swans feeding and resting in harvested fields.

Cathie recently finished a large rug hooking piece she was inspired to do. It's 58x29 inches, the largest she has done:

It will be hung on the wall once the binding is completed.