Friday, February 23, 2024

Some Tundra swans are back - it must be Spring!

 Well, maybe spring isn't here to stay, but we've had some nice mild weather this winter. It makes us think there will be an early spring, but we've been fooled before. 

 Seeing the swans return has become one of our spring rituals. The swan migration seems to be starting a week or two earlier than the norms this year, usually the peak around here is mid-March-ish. There were an estimated 1,000 swans reported yesterday morning, so we drove to the  area we usually visit for viewing.  

Here's a link to some swan-related Lambton Museum information  <Calendar>  <General Info>.  The Museum is on Highway 21, just across from the Pinery Provincial Park. The swan fields are along sideroads to the east of the museum (ie away from the Lake Huron shores), particularly along Greenway Drive.

 There were likely less than 1,000 swans when we were there later yesterday afternoon. There's usually more water in the viewing field, but not as much snow to melt this year.



The swan numbers vary widely by the day or even between morning and afternoon. Nice to see though, and we'll be checking in on them periodically.