Monday, July 15, 2019

And even more PEI touring...

We left the Cavendish National Park campground this morning after a good overnight stay. We'd like to have stayed longer, but itchy feet ya know. It was a cool day, hovering around 17C, with some raindrops at times.

We mosied along the coastal roads, to and through the North Shore National Park drive, always pretty, stopping at a couple of places Cathie wanted to see.

The first stop was at Plum Tree Studio, just off Hwy 6 south of North Rustico. Cathie enjoyed seeing traditional rug-hooking adapted to more modern techniques.

The second stop was an old standby, the Dunes gift shop. Always great stuff in there for gifts or for yourself. The grounds are special, and always well-kept:

We stopped at the Stanhope beach area. Another nice beach, sandier than the Cavendish beaches, but just as busy, and something for you Mr F.G.:

A beach buggy for Stew someday?

Lots of room on the beach
All along the north shore there is a paved bike trail paralelling the highway:
There are extensive cycling trails in PEI, making it a destination for a lot of cyclists to spend their vacations here.

At one point we went down a road to the water, and saw some fishermen harvesting their crop, likely mussels:

From there we kept hugging the coastline as best we could, heading north and east. Eventually we stopped in St Peters Bay for some fish and chips at a restaurant we've eaten at before (Rick's). We have to say it just didn't seem as good today as it usually has been, just "ok" today. 

Once fed we headed into Greenwich National Park. This is a lesser-known park for PEI, not as well known as Cavendish anyway. Not nearly so busy, and nice hiking trails. We took one we've been on before, one that heads across the peninsula to a sandy seashore on the other side:

A lot of the trails are wheelchair-friendly. We especially like this section with the boardwalk across the freshwater pond:

Some of the wildlife

At the end of the trail, some of the nicest sandy beach we've been on here, and the busiest (yes, really):

Tonight we're boondocking at a spot with a great view:

Nearby, gannets are diving for their supper. We haven't been able to get any pictures, but if you Google "gannets fishing" you'll get lots of info and videos.


  1. Such wonderful day you enjoyed , thanks for all the wonderful pictures of the island , brings back so many memories.

  2. Lovely to see these pictures!
    So pretty!
    The beaches are amazing! Wow,,, so quiet,,, perfect! My kind of beach!
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  3. I remember walking that boardwalk and out to the outer beach when Kate was 14, and the three of us went to the Maritimes, staying in B&B's on that trip. We had the place completely to ourselves.