Friday, March 29, 2024

A spring walk along the Lake Huron shore

It's officially spring and a lovely sunny day, so we took a walk along the Lake Huron shore, about a 15 minute walk from where we live, through a local campground:

New steps this year on the beach access road.

This stretch of beach has a number of cottages up on the shoreline bluffs, with access down the slope from some:

Some stairs recently built or rebuilt, and reinforced shoreline

The upper deck looks inviting, but Private

Economy steps, but usable...

  ... whereas these need some work done to maintain the lakeside access:


It's worth the trouble to have shoreline access though:


Kind of on the cool side today, with a brisk breeze from the southwest:

Here's a short video clip with lots of wind noise:

Her dog was far more interested in the ball than the view

We were even serenaded by the first Cardinal we've been close to this year:

Just a little spot of colour

These steps are much appreciated for ascending this steep hill