Sunday, August 31, 2014

From home to Beth's driveway

An overcast day but mild, about 20C for our 7:50 am start. We’re heading to Perth today, to park in Beth and Sandy’s driveway overnight. We decided to skip the 401 altogether, and basically followed the GPS route from here around the bottom of Lake Simcoe, and on east to Hwy 7. 

GPS note: we had to turn on a “Highways” avoidance to make the GPS not take us along the 401. Looks like on our older Garmin GPS at least, “Highways” means the "Freeway" roads. Once we avoided highways, the GPS selected what we wanted, usually good secondary roads. We also have it set to avoid gravel roads. 

It was generally a very pleasant drive across to Hwy 7. We stopped for a nice break at the Peterborough Lift Lock. The route there seemed to go right through town, and not for the last time, I was glad we had the van and no trailer behind it. 

At the Lift Lock we got out the lawn chairs, and took advantage of the shade trees beside the parking area (couldn’t have parked where we did with a trailer on). 

Lunch was deviled eggs, cold chicken and watermelon, 25C, sunny and humid. We’ve seen a number of wild turkeys today.

Later we had another nice break at a park in Marmora: 

We arrived at Beth’s about 3:30, the first time we’ve been to their new home. Very nice! They weren’t home yet when we arrived, so we made ourselves at home. 

When updating our email using our Bell Turbo-Hub hot spot, we got a strange message, asking for the ok to bill us “an extra $50” to continue. I declined, so our Hub service was cut off until Oct 2. Needless to say I was pretty perturbed about this, but didn’t get it sorted out until we were in New Brunswick, at which time I had to completely cancel the Hub service. So it’s now harder to get Internet access! 

When our hosts got home, Sandy was (of course) very helpful with upping the pressure in the van tires, and reinforcing our water tank pickup hose.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

*START* of Gaspe trip, Aug 2014


Our first trip to the Gaspe region of Quebec. A short trip, but it didn’t feel rushed. 5,220 km overall.

Miscellaneous notes:

This was the maiden voyage for our 2014 Sprinter van. It worked well, with room for a number of improvements to the coach interior. It averaged 8.2 L/100K (or 34.5 Cdn mpg) for the trip.

We went out via Canada and back via the US. It was a nice mix, seeing new areas in Quebec and revisiting familiar areas in the northeast US.