Sunday, July 21, 2019

On the Road- Baddeck to Linwood Harbour NS

Under heavy skies we set off today, initially heading to a Farmer's Market in Mabou NS a fellow camper recommended. The main claim to fame this place has is that the well-known Rankin Family musicians started out here, and at least some still live here. It also has a good local market.

We got to town an hour before the market opened, so toured a bit, out to their working harbour at a lighthouse:

The market was small in size but busy. Lots of food, but no  seafood. I guess the locals get enough of that in other ways.

A knitted spare tire cover, just in the parking lot

An early lunch at the Market, local sausages. It seemed like local everything here.

Here are a couple of short video clips (I hope) that show some live entertainment in the market. The first video should have been longer, the little dancer really got into the music:

After the market we dropped in to a town park we had seen earlier, and just enjoyed the water and the cool breeze. Signed with No Overnight Parking, or we'd likely still be there:
A nice little gazebo, a memorial to a local 23-year-old fellow

Almost the closest we got to church today
Later we stopped in to Port Hood to see their beaches, had a nice little break and headed south from there, along the western side of Cape Breton. New territory for us, there is a multi-use trail all along that coast. We've never seen the trail mentioned, and it's worth a mention. Celtic Shores Coastal Trail.

This is on the southern bit of the trail
Just in case you think it's always sunny in Nova Scotia, this is the view out our van window tonight, as a storm moves through the area:

An interactive map of our drive today follows. It doesn't come through on emailed copies of the blog posting, so if you'd like to see our route today, click on the link in the email to view the web edition of the blog entry.


  1. I think I'd enjoy that Celtic Shores trail.

    1. Yes, I think you would. The parts we saw looked to have an excellent surface.

  2. What a lovely trail to explore and the local markets are always fun to see. Too bad no seafood thou8gh.

    1. We were disappointed about the lack of seafood at the market. Still a good market though.

  3. Great pics again,,,
    Great map, to see where u are,,,
    Glad the storm went thru fast,,,,
    Take care,,,,

    1. Thanks Elaine. I've added maps to some of the earlier blogs too, now that I sort of know how.