Sunday, February 8, 2009

Several days in and around Camp Lemora FL


On Friday as became our pattern, we started the day with the freshest oranges and grapefruit we've ever had. The fresh fruit gave us a kick start for the day.

After we pumped up tires on our bikes we rode around the camp for a bit. After lunch we went out for a drive around the area, got the travel salt washed off the Tahoe, and then on to Plant City. This is a major fruit growing area, lots of orange groves, and strawberries. We found strawberries from Plant City in our local grocery store in Shelburne once we were back home.


Saturday we were outside for most of the day. There are trails right out of the campground, so I used one to cycle over to the nearby state park to get a brochure on the Florida parks.  


Another fresh fruit breakfast Sunday, along with scrambled eggs and toast, We had a really nice 1.5 hour bike ride right from the campground, back along Dead River Rd (doesn't sound very appealing does it).

Quite a pretty little river really, despite the name

In the early afternoon we went in to Zephyrhills again, this time to an informal bluegrass jamboree held in the town park every Sunday, weather permitting. Groups just form and play, and spectators move around as they please. Some groups sounded quite good to us.


A little 1-minute video clip above from one of the groups. 

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