Thursday, February 5, 2009

A nice morning at Hillsborough, moving to Camp Lemora

Some other 2-legged visitors at the campground

 While chatting with a fellow camper here at Hillsborough park (he was from Manitoulin Island, near where we live in Ontario) I mentioned that we had to find a site for the weekend. He told me about a private camp not far away. We had noticed it on our way to Hillsborough, but it looked like a park for large seasonal trailers. At the back they had an area for us transients though. 

When we left Hillsborough it was just a 5 minute drive to Camp Lemora (now called River Palms RV Resort I think, in 2024). Pleasant people there, and a good atmosphere. We signed up for 4 nights, to carry us through the weekend. Sites are just in an open field, but large with full hookups. 

En route to Camp Lemora

After we set up our trailer, the 4 of us headed to a Camping World store, where I was able to get the part I needed to repair our awning bracket that I had broken at home (got a bit too close with the snowblower, getting the trailer out of a snowdrift). Of course we got a few other "necessities" too. Then we all went to a Bob Evans for good lunch. 

After lunch A&R headed in to Zephyrhills for the weekend while we did some grocery and wine shopping. Back at camp the Sandhill Cranes put on a show:

Tonight we were invited to supper at A&R's friends Jerry and Ellen in Zephyrhills, a nice chicken dinner. Jerry gave us a bag of oranges and another of grapefruit that he had picked the day before. The fruit looked dirty, but Alan had warned us that this is normal. It cleaned up great, and was some of the nicest oranges and grapefruits that we've ever had. I don't normally care for grapefruit, but these were lovely, not too acidic like we get at home.

Note: A search in Google Maps now (2024) finds Camp Lemora quite a ways away from here. It looks like the camp we stayed at is called River Palms RV Resort now. The address shown on this map is where we stayed though.

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