Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving from Manatee Springs to St Andrews park near Panama City

Dunes at St Andrews park

 A sunny travel day today, we were off by 7:40 am. We're looking forward to a coastal drive around the "Big Bend" up to and in the Panhandle area of Florida.

Our first real elevation in quite a while

Bird condos

High elevation coming up

Lots of fishing/marine activity along the way

Very sandy in the Big Bend area

Beach near our St Andrews campsite

 The shoreline drive from Alligator Point to St Andrews (see map) was really pretty. We could see what looked like very scenic campsites out on St George Island. It did get quite windy at times during our 5 days here, and likely would blow harder on St George, as they are basically barrier islands with lots of sand.

We had to go through part of Panama City to get to St Andrews park. The city part was a tough drive, lots of traffic and we had trouble following the route to the park. This got better over the course of our stay, as we started to learn the city better.

When we did get to the park we were pretty much worn out, and ready to just head home. We didn't do that, but did shorten our 8 night reservation to 5 nights. We're glad we didn't head home, as we enjoyed our stay at St Andrews after all. Sunny and up to 22C today.

Our nicely-sheltered campsite






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