Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Further south, getting out of the cold and snow today

Getting fueled up in the morning

 Cool morning at -4C (about 25F). A nice sunny day but still snow around, especially at the higher elevations of this part of the route, about 3,000 ft. 

The runaway truck lane looks pretty snowy ahead

 There were lots of hills along the route today. Alan's 3/4 ton diesel truck didn't really notice the hills, but our Tahoe with the 5.3 gas engine did. We needed to go faster than Alan down the hills, to make up for the slower uphills.  

 As we approached the northern border of South Carolina we dropped below 2,000 ft elevation, and the snow disappeared for good this trip, at least until we returned north again going home. Temperature got up to 12C by 3pm, a really nice change!

 We were camped by 4pm at New Green Acres campground, just off I95 about 60 miles west of Charleston SC. Sunny and mild, we finally had some daylight to start organizing the trailer and car contents. The first camping night always needs some organizing for us.






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