Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Dundee to Cranberry PA

Another driving day with no pictures. We left New Dundee about 7:15, to meet up with my cousin Alan and his wife Ruth in Brantford. We'll be travelling together for most of this trip. Alan and Ruth are familiar with the route we'll be taking and we were grateful to have them as guides.

After rendezvousing at a Brantford Tim Horton's we set off to the US border crossing at Fort Erie. At the border crossing the agent demanded proof we weren't planning to stay in the US. He said we had so much stuff with us we must be planning to move. We thought he was kidding at first, but nope, he was seriously giving us a hard time. He did the same thing to Alan and Ruth behind us with their truck camper. We were allowed in eventually though. 

(Note from the future, 2023: there must have been something going on in those years. We've had very little problems at the border in more recent years, thank goodness). 

After a few shopping stops for things like US cell phone service we headed further south. At a rest stop we found a coupon book for accommodation discounts, and used them at a Comfort Inn at Cranbury, just north of Pittsburgh, for an early stop. A good clean room, free wifi, breakfast for $63 for each of our 2 rooms.

We had wanted to get past Pittsburgh this first night, to avoid morning rush hour tomorrow, but were all tired, and with the temperature dropping were concerned about slippery roads too. A good decision.




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