Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday thru Monday we just enjoyed the camp and area, hiked and biked

Some busy spiders around, luckily we didn't see any


I stayed in bed all night, didn't get up until almost 7:30! Lots of fresh air I guess. After breakfast we got the bikes out and went for a ride on the Pine Key Trail, about 6.5 miles in all. Not too exciting on the trail:

So we cut over to a different trail, then to a nearby paved road. We saw a smallish snapping turtle trying to cross the road, and gently moved him off the road using a bike tire.

More exciting was this cottonmouth snake, a poisonous species. We just helped a braver fellow help this one off the road:

The lighter colour at the head is the inside of its mouth, wide open

Bare feet and all, this fellow used a stick to help out

We had a lazy afternoon, reading and snoozing. The cousins had gone into town. Chatted with a camping neighbor.

He had come over to apologize for running his generator all day. He was a Vietnam vet with mobility issues, and was charging up the batteries for his ebike and electric wheelchair. We assured him it was no problem after all.

About 4pm Cathie and I went back to the Anhinga Trail. At first it was busier than before but soon quieted down. It was a nice walk with a pleasant breeze.

Some good-sized fish were visible at times

He was sure watching us closely


 Lots of vultures looking for something...

After a quick supper the 6 of us went to an evening nature talk given by a ranger. It was interesting as usual. 


We were up and sitting outside with our coffee by 7am, watching the birds around the site. Then we drove into Homestead to do laundry and get some internet. Apparently many people in Florida don't know what turn signals are for, or how to operate them.

Another leisurely day. Cathie and Sharon put the evening to bed with the aid of a bit of wine.


Another mild day, up to 26C. We got the bikes out again, for a spin around the camp. We figured each loop was a mile, and Cathie did it 3 times. Later, Sharon and the other 2 ladies drove in to Roberts, a fruit and vegetable stand. Gord went to the evening ranger talk again, different and interesting again.  

All in all a relaxing few days. We sure have enjoyed the Everglades.







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