Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moving from the Everglades to Highlands Hammock state park

Our campsite at Highlands Hammock park

 We're heading out for other parts of Florida today. The others have seen as much of Florida as they want to, on other trips.This was our first trip though, and we wanted to have a look at other parts of the state. After a bite to eat and dumping the trailer tanks at the campground disposal area, we headed into town.

We found a car wash in town and rinsed off the car and trailer. We haven't had any rain while driving once we were out of the snow, so still had northern salt residue.

We took mostly an inland route north, seeing lots of orange groves and cattle ranches along the way. There were all sorts of birds and gators near the road on #41. We didn't stop much for pictures, but did enjoy the drive.

Seeing orange groves is still a novelty for us

 We checked out a private campground along the way. They were not welcoming, and even charged us a refundable deposit to enter the park. $46 per night, no appeal at all. We could only get 3 nights at Highland Hammocks, so reserved for that. $58.86 total for 3 nights with water and electric hookups, and friendly people at no extra charge. 



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