Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A guided tour of Highlands Hammock state park


We picked up tickets at the park office for the ranger-led park tour. We passengers rode in the tram in the background above. Just $4 each for the tour, what a bargain!

A lot of the tour paralleled a small waterway. Lots of vegetation, gators and nervous waterbirds. Frequent stops along here:


See why the water birds should be nervous?

Easy to see the gator here

Not so easy to see it here

The ranger narration kept things interesting

After the ride we had a look at several exhibits on display:

A giant tortoise shell, 4-5 feet across

 We were told that Florida gets the most lightning strikes of anywhere in the world, over a million per year.

We're still hoping to pick up a cancellation and stay here over the weekend, but made an informal reservation back at Camp Lemora just in case. Parks are all filling up for the weekend. We'd try to reserve further ahead if we come back to Florida someday.




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