Saturday, February 21, 2009

Moved back to Camp Lemora for 2 nights

Oranges on their way somewhere

 We're moving to Camp Lemora for the weekend, having been unable to extend our stay at Highlands Hammock. It's a short drive to Camp Lemora today (Friday), so we didn't leave until 10 am. Lots of others were moving out of Highlands Hammock today too, likely also bumped by weekend reservations. This is a really nice park.

We were all set up at Camp Lemora by 1pm. 

Lots of time in the afternoon for a trip to Camping World so Cathie could use their Internet. I went shopping there and came out with another folding bike. We had 2 bikes this trip but one was borrowed just for the trip, and we feel we'd like to have 2 bikes for future trips.

After supper we had a chilly walk around the camp. Chilly by Florida expectations anyway, down to 11C (52F) by 7pm.

We had a light frost overnight, but Saturday turned into a lovely day anyway, so we hit the trails to try out the new bike.

We could see 3 Osprey nests from our site, plus an armadillo browsing in a nearby field. In Hillsborough Park the Armadillo is on their hit list. Since it's a non-native species, the park policy is to eradicate them. Not too successful though, as we saw quite a few as we cycled over to and in the park today. 



From inside the Hillsborough park Nature Centre

We had 2 bike rides today, maybe 12 miles total. The new bike worked very well. That's one of the things I regret getting rid of as we prepared for our household move, years later in 2019.  

Cathie won 3 out of 3 cribbage games tonight. I'm pretty sure she cheated somehow. :((




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