Thursday, June 1, 2023

Quechee Gorge to St Stephen NB - we're back in Canada

A little park along the highway. No story info though.

It felt like another somewhat arduous drive today, especially the part along hwy 2 to Bangor. Although picturesque, often running alongside a river, we found that leg tough today.

An otherwise uneventful drive through more hills, with the temperature reaching 35C/95F degrees. That's not with any humidex rating. Thank goodness the van AC kept working. We don't like driving with AC on, but it was sure a blessing today.

Here's a sign from our Quechee Gorge campground, especially for Pat:

We didn't encounter any bears though, active or otherwise.

After crossing the border back into Canada we were still deliberating where to spend the night. A campground we've stayed at before was 1/2 hour further, and we were tired. No Walmarts in St Stephen, what will we do?

Passing an Atlantic Superstore we decided to check if they allowed overnights in their large lot, and after due deliberation they decided that they do. Unfortunately we found the parking area teeming with large black ants, and decided to move to a town park further into St Stephen. After checking things a bit, it seemed we'd be ok parking there overnight. What a lovely spot!

Here's the evening view from the van parking spot:

And here's what it looked like in the morning light. Notice the water level changes due to the tides:

A cell phone note:

We have used Koodo Prepaid cell service for a number of years now. While at home we get by fine with their cheapest 30-day $15 auto-renew plan, but it's pretty limited for travelling. Just today I noticed a Koodo special to upgrade to a $35 plan (still a 30 day prepaid plan), with 3GB data per month and  a bonus 8GB of data per month for 6 months. Very timely!

So you may be seeing more blog posts than I had expected when we left. 

Today's route:


  1. It looks like a great start to your trip! We sure enjoyed our time in Vermont and New Hampshire years ago.

  2. A great way to start my day,,,
    Lovely scenery and nice spot for overnight,,,

  3. I always enjoy my morning coffee with your luscious landscapes. Even Wal-Mart is lovely on holiday! Thank You!

  4. What beautiful views from your exclusive campsite! And I hope the extra data means you'll be back on Wordle and Quordle 😁