Thursday, June 29, 2023

Seabreeze Park to Port Aux Basques (2 days)

Animals on the Road!

Wednesday June 28 

Right after we left Seabreeze Park and Cow Head we encountered these sheep on the road. They appeared to be roaming freely, and didn't seem to think they needed to care about these big things barrelling down the road towards them. We all missed them though, as far as we know.

We expected to use two days to get to Port Aux Basques for our Friday ferry, mostly just driving. However we had a side trip each day that added much more interest to the drives. Today we took the turnoff to the Tablelands Discovery Centre. We had heard of the Tablelands area in Gros Morne of course, but had never given much thought to them. Well if you're ever in the area, the Discovery Centre and area is worth a look, especially if you have an interest in geology.

The Discovery Centre is some 30 km from the highway, and the Tablelands area is on beyond that. A beautifully hilly and twisty drive it is:

Rain was coming

Lots of hills but the road is pretty good

Once in the Discovery Centre there were many exhibits. Here is a sampling:

Different types of rock and their source

The Earth to scale, showing the thin crust we live on

Biological and Native exhibits too

After we left the Discovery Centre we kept on through the Tablelands themselves:

Exposed Tableland is mostly brown, little grows there

The town of Trout River is at the end 

Trout River had a nice surprise - a hiking trail up on the cliffs around the town:

The trailhead. Yes, through someone's yard. Steps visible in back.

Partway up, the van's looking smaller

Some of the steps

Aahh, rest stop

Carrying on

Wild Iris in bloom

Some of the cliffs

Tonight we ended up at the Kinsmen Prince Edward park in Cornerbrook, after surviving some construction on the way to town:



Thursday June 29

After a nice quiet night at the Kinsmen park in Cornerbrook, we headed south on the main road. The driving quickly became tiresome, so we decided to head in to the Port au Port peninsula, and on out to the Cape St George loop road. We took it clockwise.

One of the first things that caught our eye was this huge CEMEX mine. Cemex is a minerals company, extracting "something" here (gypsum?) and shipping it elsewhere. How's that for a good technical description eh! There was no information at the site, except that security was on a high alert.

Extract and process in this beautiful spot

A closer look

The shipping connection

A little further on was a nicer attraction, called the Hidden Falls trail, a short walk along the coast:

These weren't the Hidden falls, just pretty

Lovely shoreline

The base of the Hidden Falls

Looking up at part of the Falls

From the little trail

Further along the way:

Neat little sea observatory, looks like it has heat too

Then on to the actual Cape St George:

What a neat address, Seashore Lane, off of Oceanview Drive

Beautiful sea views

The little bread oven is used 6 days a week in July and August, 12-2 pm

Unfortunately it's still June today, so no bread.

Some nice-looking boondock spots (get here early for this one!)

And on around the loop road:


The little town of Mainland (yes really Sheila lol)

Known for its Red Rock island

Tonight we're boondocking at a beach parking lot in Port Aux Basques, a short drive to the ferry tomorrow. The sunny day started out warm and humid, reached 29C/84F with humidex much higher. As we approached Port Aux Basques the temp took a sharp drop down to 18C, then on down to 15C now, almost 8pm. Cloudy and drizzle too, to go with the wind. Nfld wants to make an impression today!

Our windshield view tonight. There are picnic tables over there.

The view when the fog lifted some


  1. Too bad there is a big mine in such a beautiful spot. Lovely photos. Did you get to try any bread from that oven?

  2. I was wondering the same thing, Meagan!! I think I could smell the bread!! Sheila

  3. "Mainland"????? REALLY??!! Fabulous pics today guys!! Sheila

  4. Wow, more beautiful scenery, quite the picturesque shoreline. Too bad about the mine....crazy temperatures! Looks like you are having a lovely time.

  5. Very summery looking now!!!love the pics,,,,
    Safe travels,,,,