Monday, June 26, 2023

St Anthony NL area and LOTS of icebergs


Fishing Point lookout, St Anthony

Today we left Pistolet Bay in good time, heading to St Anthony. I had to visit the NAPA auto supply store, hoping they would have a light bulb for one of the van's driving lights. They had the right bulb so I bought 2, and installed the replacement for the bad one. That's the first bulb I've had to replace, and the van will be 10 years old this December.

On the way in to St Anthony we could see some fair-sized icebergs. This was a pleasant surprise, we didn't really expect any bergs here right now, so a nice bonus.

We quickly found a parking spot at Fishing Point lookout (where the lighthouse is) and started berg-watching. Lots of iceberg pictures today! Here's a series of 3 from a pair we watched a lot. The bergs really changed as the sunlight progressed:

Here's a series from what we thought was one berg, but turned out to be two of them, sometimes together:

As often happens, there were a couple off in the distance that never really came closer:

Hard to see but there are 2 more bergs to our left of this large flat one

This one peeked around the corner for a long time

When we left the Fishing Point area we stopped at this exhibit of an old water bomber plane:

The wheels fold up so as not to interfere when loading water

Then we took a drive out to Goose cove, just outside St Anthony. We had gone there on our trip 10 years ago to find a couple of grounded bergs there, close to shore, and even a whale hunting along the shore too. No real luck today, but a nice place to visit:

The trailhead

The large-looking woodpile was a work-in-progress today. The gal you can barely see in the middle of the wood is splitting and stacking this for her Mom, who lives across the road and will burn this whole pile to stay warm this coming winter.

The lookout kiosk

The closest bergs we saw here today

Along the road there are many other woodpiles being prepared for winter. The residents buy a cutting permit for a particular area and are allowed a cutting quota. Usually the wood is cut and brought out in winter, then split and stacked in the spring, somewhere accessible for drying:

The raw materials brought out of the bush

Similar to the woodpiles are the roadside gardens. In some areas suitable soil is hard to find, so people can claim gardening areas other than their home land:

We decided to check out a private park, Viking RV Park, before returning to Pistolet Bay PP for tonight. The Viking RV Park turned out just fine, with different levels of serviced sites, good washrooms and showers, laundry and WiFi, and just $22 cash for a site with electric and water. After checking in (only about 2:30) the host told us about a walking trail nearby that would give us some good iceberg views:


We took the 4 km (return) trip on the Cobbler Loop. It's a nice trail still under development, so a little rough and wet in places, but worth the walk:

Trail is a bit wet in places

But very scenic even with no berg view

On the way to the hike we came closer to hitting a moose than I care to think. It came out of the bush on the driver's side. We were going very slow, and it had time to react, otherwise it would have hit us dead center in the side. Phew!



  1. Wow! Great photos from that Loop walk, the icebergs look huge and the water is so blue.

  2. Wow! what amazing photos! Looks like much nicer weather as well!

  3. That one ice berg looks like a submarine coated with ice! What a memorable holiday you are having, so glad you're sharing it. Donna B

  4. Those icebergs!,! GREAT PICS,,,STILL see cathie has her coat and hat on ,,,!!!wow,,,and almost July!!

  5. What an adventure, and a close encounter with a moose to boot! Gorgeous pictures, you'll be enjoying these memories for years. (Heather)