Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Burin Peninsula - Plans are changing

Sunset near our Frenchman's Cove campsite


Another mild sunny day here today. We set out to explore the peninsula a bit. In the town of Grand Bank:

One of the large houses built by rich seamen, back in the day

Yesterday though, Cathie had hurt her finger when tucking blankets under the edge of the mattress when making the bed. It looked kind of odd, we thought she had stretched a tendon maybe, so splinted it to avoid further damage. Wish we had taken a picture of the splint, fashioned with folded boxboard and a couple of bandages.

While in Grand Bank she thought she'd have the pharmacist in the Shoppers Drug look at it. After she had a look at it, the pharmacist immediately said to get to the hospital Emerg, only a few blocks away. There they checked it out, and the upshot is that Cathie had somehow cut/torn a tendon in her ring finger. 

It seems a really odd thing, but a couple of nurses kind of marvelled at it because the same thing had happened to two of their co-workers recently. A bit of a head-scratcher.

They xrayed and diagnosed the problem, and provided a proper splint and some tape. They are trying to get Cathie in to a surgeon in St John's to repair the tendon as soon as possible. That might happen next week, we're hoping for a call to confirm that soon. Meanwhile we need to be prepared to get to St John's again, maybe fairly quickly at some point. The sooner it gets repaired the better, and that's likely to happen quicker here than trying to get back to Ontario and have it done there.

They did say the splint we had fashioned helped reduce further damage, so it did its job.

So instead of heading to the west coast and north from there, we'll be heading back easterly, likely south of St John's to places like Witless Bay and other notables in the Avalon Peninsula. This was sort of in our original original plan, so things may work out.

Cathie is a bit handicapped now, but it's not painful so we will carry on. I have to add how fortunate we feel to have the Canadian medical system. Here we are several provinces away from home, getting prompt help from skilled professionals, and so far have only needed to show our Ontario Health Card. No charges at all yet.

On a different note - we didn't realize how close we'd be to the French islands of St Pierre and Miquelon. We had thought we'd look into what's involved in a short crossing tour when we got to the town of Fortune, the ferry terminal. However this was now mid-afternoon after Cathie's hours-long hospital visit. We did drop around the ferry terminal, and it was very forbidding-looking. It's an International crossing, with all that that implies. Lots of dire warnings and rules posted outside the terminal building:

So this is as close as we got to St Pierre:

You'll see our short drive on the map below, and how close the French islands are here.





  1. Oh boy, it’s a real good thing you went to have it looked at. I hope all goes smoothly for you, and sorry that it’s changed your plans.

  2. Thankfully with being in "retirement mode" you're free to await the surgery and then carry on as you are able and for as long as you desire!! The beauty of no schedules!!! Hope you'll have "smooth sailing" Cath! Love, Sheila

  3. Oh my goodness Cathy! So glad that you are getting the medical attention you need! I would have loved to have seen your homemade splint, you two are so creative! Cathy, I have to ask….. does it interfere with your knitting🤪

    We are boondoxking tonight at the Bonavista Lighthouse. I am LOVING it, and Gary is humouring me. Sitting here looking out over the Atlantic Ocean as the sun sets, and icebergs if I look out my back windows. Life is good!!

    Take care and keep us posted as to when your surgery is.
    Di and Gary

  4. Oh my goodness! What a weird thing to happen. Glad to hear it isn’t painful. Lucky that you aren’t in a hurry and can wait and get to the appointment whenever they can do it. Good thinking on the splint!

  5. Wow, I’m glad you were able to make a splint, and that Cath’s finger isn’t painful. Hope you are able to get into see a surgeon to get it fixed soon.
    I had no idea that France had land (islands)so close to Canada! Either I wasn’t paying attention in school or they never told us….

  6. Yikes!!!cathie,,,,Hope everything is OK,,,,Glad it's not painful!!,
    Take care and thinking of you,,,,,No knitting ,,I imagine for abit,,,,

  7. We're enjoying your updates, but sure didn't expect to read this one today! Cathie, we sure hope that you are able to get in soon to have it fixed. Take care

  8. I hope they can get your finger repaired and able to knit again, Cath. Thanks to Gord for doing all the driving. Stay safe. Donna

  9. Good Dr. Gord was handy with splint. Sorry to here , hope surgery 🙏 will be easy fix.Take care keep safe , thanks all wonderful pictures!!

  10. So sorry to hear about your injury Cathie! Glad you had the good sense to have it checked out! You still managed to do a bit of sightseeing! All the beat with your surgery!!

  11. Sorry to read about your finger. Hope surgery goes well and good as new. Safe travels.