Sunday, June 25, 2023

Port au Choix to Pistolet Bay PP

Along the Thrombolites walking trail

Another grey cool day today. Nice in spite of that though. The coolness meant no black flies or mosquitoes today. No risk of sunstroke either. :))

We had a leisurely start this morning. I don't know how these gulls know when we're eating, but we had a visitor while we ate breakfast in the van:

Sitting on our van hood, which is not large

Along the way, we noticed a diehard fisherman fly-casting in the rain:

Castors River, an appropriate name

You can't see it in the picture, but the rain was coming fairly hard, almost horizontal. The wind must have made casting with the fly rod difficult. 


On the way in to a nearby town, this place caught our eye. There's a master mason around here somewhere:

Very appropriate for "The Rock"

Flowers Cove features an attraction called the Thrombolite Trail. We had no idea what a Thrombolite is, so had to take the trail. Here's a link (Click Here) for more Flower Cove info, or (Click Here) for Wiki info.

It's a short hike, with some orientation info at the start:

The Skin Boot Church mentioned on the above placemat was built in 1920 with proceeds from villagers making and selling sealskin boots. We had an excellent lunch at this restaurant.

The part of the walking trail itself that we took is short, which was good today as the threatening rain caught up to us there:

There's our van in the background, not far

Those large rounded rocks are the Thrombolites

Like insect damage under tree bark


Out on a point a lonely lighthouse, and an even lonelier cabin:

It seems like they should have been reversed, with the lighthouse further out

This house had a "Congrats Grad" sign on it, and lots of toys ready to go: 


A little further north, around Eddie's Cove, we started seeing small icebergs, and a lonely fishing shack:

3 icebergs, may have been 1 larger one not too long ago

Lobster traps neatly stored

We lucked out again today when we saw a couple more caribou, this time two bachelors roaming:

Have to be careful, they DO cross the road sometimes


  1. Nice that you were able to have such a good day despite the weather. At least you prepared for weather when you packed up the van. What was the excellent meal you had?

    1. Fish chowder, and raisin pie with ice cream for Cathie. Hamburger steak and Caesar salad for me. Home style cooking, fresh rolls.

  2. Dinner sounds great,,,,Great Pics again,,,,Great u packed lots of winter wear for UR trip,,,,