Tuesday, June 6, 2023

King's Point NL camping and views

Today we mostly stayed at our temporary home, camped in Kings's Point NL. The icy views from the campground were similar to but different than yesterday. The tide and currents are constantly shifting the ice, even when the ice is somewhat captured in a narrow cove like this (see the map at the end):

It was another cool day today, with just misty rain at times, actually quite pleasant. Still somewhat foggy, but that came and went throughout the day. We decided to take a little day trip. You can see from the map approximately where we are camped in King's Point. We drove out to Rattling Brook, with small berg sightings all along the way:

Sometimes we could see the still-submerged part of a berg

Apparently 90% of the mass of an iceberg is underwater, so big as some of them get, we're only seeing 10% above water.

That's Cathie's face on the right

There really is a Rattling Brook, with a nice falls and short but steep hiking trail. 

Some trees grow in the strangest places, they are real survivors:

The woods near the trail seemed like rain forest, with all the mossy cover:

The trail includes an amazing boardwalk going up the hill to better falls views. We struggled to just climb the many steps up the steep rocky slope, and marvelled at the builders of the trail:

The picture does not do the falls justice

Back to the van, we had a short drive to the end of the road, then turned back towards King's Point, with more and different views along the way:

The gulls out on that rock were having a noisy discussion

Once back to King's Point, we decided to carry on to the road to Harry's Harbour. Nothing much exciting out that way, as the fog closed in again along the way.  

At the end of the road there were several bergs blown in to shore. It's more open there, and some of the bergs were getting wind-whipped:

Notice the spray in the curve of the taller berg

Today's day trip, from King's Point to Rattling Brook and back, where we saw most of the iceberg views, then out to Harry's Harbour and back. Lots of new home construction out that way, I guess this area is being discovered. It's very scenic.



  1. I love a nice mossy forest! Beautiful. It looks like you had it to yourselves - did you see any other people on that big trail? Neat to see all those icebergs.

  2. Never saw another person. What a beautiful mossy trail it was. 😘

  3. Wow,,,,Sure looks like winter there,,with the ice,,,
    Great Pics,,,
    Our friends,have a place in Kings point,,,,!!!and plan on spending July and August there, small world,,,,

    1. It is a small world. What a lovely spot to spend the summer. C

  4. The trail looks amazing! It really is incredible how trees can sometimes grow in mysterious ways. Glad you are having a good trip!