Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Troy NY to Quechee Gorge VT

NOT at Walmart :))

We took it much easier today after that tough drive yesterday. We stuck with it yesterday though, to position ourselves for what we expected to be a lovely drive today. No thruways today.

After a pretty good night at Walmart we took our time this morning, doing exciting things like adding DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) to the van. We finally got away about 10 am, unusual for us. 

The driving today was all on "back roads", still paved but not fast roads. Most times speed limits were 45-55 mph, with quite a few small villages along the way. These were familiar from years (decades) gone by, when we used to travel these roads for trips to Atlantic Canada, or even just to where we are today, touring Vermont and New Hampshire. Back in the days of throwing the kids and tent into the old Volvo for 2 whole weeks of vacation with limited means, wanting to get somewhere different than home. Lovely country, even when the trees are not in their fall colours.

It's hard to do a drive like this justice with our pictures. We thoroughly enjoyed it, ending up in an old favorite campground, Quechee Gorge (pronounced Kweechee)  where we had no problem finding a campsite. We did get there early in spite of the late start, about 2pm, only 4 hours drive today. 

This puma statue looks like people are still shooting at it

Very hilly drive, with several emergency pulloffs for trucks with brake issues

Even though flattened by the camera, you can maybe sense the steep slope here

I was taking a picture...

of Cathie on this cool pedestrian bridge

A passerby walking her dog over the bridge

New England styles

Maybe we should get our van done over eh

Cathie starting her Christmas shopping


Before the campfire. Nice dry hardwood here.

Todays twisty drive, mostly in Vermont:







  1. Looks like a lovely day! We were also in Woodstock today… Woodstock, NB👍

  2. Lovely scenery,,,, love vermont,,,
    A better slower day,,,

  3. Looks lovely! Maybe add some big flames on the side of your van, wouldn’t that be attractive? 😆 The zebra one actually looked kind of neat, but definitely not for you.