Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Bay de Verde NL back to St John's, for Cathie's finger repair

Morning mist rolling in, in Bay de Verde

Not many pictures for these 2 days. We had a good boondock behind the Bay de Verde Post Office, looking out over the water. It was kind of neat to see the mist start to fall down the cliffs, then pull back, only to come back again:

The picket fence helped reduce the wind at the boondock site

The Bay de Verde harbour is quite busy, and trucks came and went all night, picking up seafood from the boats and delivering it to a processing plant in nearby Old Perlican. Otherwise a great boondock spot, and ok in spite of the trucks.

We haven't really been in tourist mode these past couple of days, just biding our time, waiting for the verdict on Cathie's finger. Positioning for that, we moved from Bay de Verde to Pippy Campground, a municipal campground in the north end of St John's, for Monday and Tuesday nights.

On Tuesday Cathie had her surgeon appointment, with great results - we're free to go where and when we want to now! We (and I mean WE) have a regimen of taping a special splint to Cathie's finger and retaping it every few days, and if we both do things right (I have to tape it, Cathie has to behave) in 6 weeks or 3 months or whatever, the tendon should reattach itself, but very fragile for the first 6 weeks especially. No surgery needed as long as the taping goes well though, a real incentive there! Yay!

Pippy campground is only a 6 minute drive from the medical centre where we had the appointment. Of course it's a large hospital, huge parking lot, and construction. It took us longer to find the entrance where Cathie went in, than the drive there. I did manage to get the van parked in a Visitors lot after Cathie went in to register though:

We had a very detailed finger-wrapping demonstration (which I mostly recorded) and printed instructions too:


The physio nurses who worked through the procedure were very friendly and helpful. When Cathie went in they (working with the surgeon beforehand) had everything planned out with dates and details. The surgeon was there initially and told Cathie what the injury was and what to expect, then handed things off to the physio gals.  

Bottom line is that we can make plans now. We're going to head southwest back towards Saint Vincent's tomorrow morning, as apparently the whales are coming in there now. It will likely be busier there than last week was, but we'll be there anyway. Back into tourist mode!




  1. Sounds like a very positive hospital visit!! So you've BOTH got your "jobs" to do plus doing the "tourist thing" all at the same time!! Wishing you great success with the tendon Cath; cheering for ya! Love, Sheila

  2. I’m so relieved about Mom’s finger! Also now I have a good excuse to send her random texts telling her to behave herself. Hahaha
    The mist over the cliffs looks beautiful. Looking forward to whale photos soon!

  3. Great news about Cathie’s finger,! Very pleased to hear that you can go back to being tourists..


  4. So glad to hear this injury won't need surgery!!!
    Just take care ,,,,Sending healing vibes,,,,,
    Lots of reading instead of knitting !!!?
    Enjoy UR sightseeing,,,,

  5. So great that surgery is not required. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  6. That's awesome news about Cathie's finger, and that it was a very positive hospital experience! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  7. So happy that no surgery will be needed!! Now Gord, you just have to get Cathy to behave!!

    We saw that large iceberg floating along Conception Bay yesterday. We will probably venture down to St Vincent’s as well but not likely for another three or four days😎. Safe travels.
    Di and Gary

  8. I'm enjoying travelling via your blog, wonderful pictures. Summer is starting at 9 degrees in the Okanagan but we're suppose to have a scorcher next week. Donna B