Thursday, June 8, 2023

and even more Twillingate icebergs

Lots of iceberg pictures today. These are "town bergs", now at least, since they are right in the Twillingate harbour. Here's a map of Twillingate and where the berg viewing came from today:


We could see tour boats off and on today, loaded with visitors heading out to the icebergs we were viewing from land. It was a brisk 3C/37F this morning, nice to have the option of being in our nice warm van, although this boat had inside room for the passengers:

Sometimes it looked like a fishing boat was making the rounds checking traps for something, maybe lobsters:

Sorry for the colour variations. I can't seem to get it right, between being pretty bland and going to unnaturally vivid. These two are almost the same picture. Any preference?


Lots of colourful paint jobs in the town too:


This open Zodiac tour boat also sped around, with passengers clad in yellow rain gear:

Even some intrepid kayak paddlers touring


Lots of other berg-peepers, some on their own:

Looks like it could be Cathie, but it's not this time

And other places we had lots of company:


For lunch today we went to a local seafood shop and got some fresh scallops. With some leftover tortellini we had a nice seaside lunch, at a spot we may be camped at overnight tonight:

Yep, that's Cathie this time


The seafood shop had tanks with live lobsters and crabs, and some did look crabby:

Tomorrow we are going to a Dinner Theatre here in town. First a set dinner with several plate choices, including lobster of course, and then the staff also provides the Theatre afterwards:

Right beside the market where we bought our lunch today


Our Mews friends, Diane and Gary, are on their way to Twillingate right now, and will be joining us tomorrow for the evening.



  1. Great berg shots, seeing the boat close by gives good perspective of size too. Yum scallops !

    1. Yes Nancy Yum Scallops! 😘C

  2. The colour differences with the filters are interesting. I like the one that looks less blue, more natural, but both are good. Handy to have a little stove to cook those scallops at a picnic table! What a treat to be getting all that fresh seafood.

  3. We really enjoyed the seafood today and hope to have more as we travel.😘

  4. I was thinking the same as Nancy, nice to see the boats to help give perspective for the size of the bergs. For the two pic variations I like both for different reasons.

  5. Great pics of icebergs,,
    Glad cathie has her warm hat!

  6. What a great lunch, and a beautiful spot to have it. I like all the pictures, the grass and house colours do jump out. I think it’s a nice contrast. So it is as chilly as it looks! 3 degrees… Looks like a beautiful place to visit.