Wednesday, June 7, 2023

To Twillingate and icebergs

Our picnic lunch spot, near Twillingate

Today we just headed to Twillingate, as directly as the roads allow. We decided to get there early, find a campground for the first night, then wander around the area some. Last time we were here we camped about 22 km south of town. It doesn't sound too far, but it did add distance to Twillingate area touring.

Twillingate is known for iceberg viewing, and is kind of a touristy town, with a number of tour boats for viewing icebergs and whales etc. Today was mild but rainier than yesterday and quite foggy at times, so we decided against a tour today. 


Luckily we didn't need a boat to see icebergs today. Twillingate came through for us, unlike when we were here 10 years ago and saw none around here.

Getting fairly close to Twillingate we wanted to stop for a picnic lunch, preferably with a view. So, down a paved sideroad:

Made to order, even a smallish berg, and a picnic table we didn't use


Once we got into Twillingate we roamed around a bit, and found 4 or 5 larger bergs, right in the town harbour:

Those are town streets on the hills

A large flat berg peeked around the corner


We settled in to Peyton's Woods campground for the night, right in town. The park isn't what we're looking for really, but it's ok and has WiFi and electric.


  1. I love the scenery of Twillingate. Beautiful. ruth

  2. Quite the picnic spot! I keep thinking it is smoky in your photos but luckily it is just fog over there. Will you try to do a whale watching tour another day?

  3. Penny Beacock, what beautiful pics! So cool to see the icebergs. Can't imagine how thrilling it would be to see them in person. L9oks like you are having a wonderful trip!

  4. So beautiful. The homes on that island look very exposed, I wonder what kinds of storms they've weathered.

  5. Great photos! I hope you are both staying warm. It looks chilly!