Sunday, October 13, 2019

Heading south... to Elephant Butte NM

Today we headed for warmer climes. We've really enjoyed our week around the Taos area. It's dipping to freezing in the wee hours now though, so time to head for lower elevations.

We stuck to non-Interstates as much as possible, so it took to about 3:30 to get the Elephant butte even with an early start.

Rd 14 is quite scenic as the sign says

 The Rio Grande deteriorated as it went south. This is just a few miles north of Elephant Butte, a far cry from what it looked like near our recent campground further north:

 Since we had no reservations at Elephant Butte, we had to take a one-night site, and move tomorrow. The park is clearing out a lot tomorrow, so it was no problem making a reservation  tonight for the next few nights at a site of our choosing. We decided to get an electric site here, and we can get wifi at our site.

Here's a few shots around the Elephant Butte park:

Our site for tonight

Across other sites to the reservoir lake and beyond

A flight of cranes in the center of the setting-sun sky
It was 27C when we got parked today, with a forecast low of 10C. Beautiful warmer temps, the same forecast for the next several days.

Today's map:


  1. Great photos... and I'd love the 27C!

  2. Amazing how the elevation changes the temperature so much.
    Enjoy Elephant Butte we have been ethere several times and love it,

  3. Again,, wonderful pics,,,
    Such wonderful scenery, ,,,
    Take care,
    Happy thanksgiving, ,,,

  4. Enjoying your blog with my morning coffee, sitting in Dad's spot beside the fire. Love seeing all the interesting vegetation and rock formations that are so different from anything around here!

  5. I love those wide open skies! Happy Thanksgiving. Do Americans do much to celebrate Columbus Day?

    1. Yes, they celebrate Columbus Day. Lots of state parks were full for the weekend but this one has really cleared out today.

  6. Glad you're getting warmer temps now. Is it called " turquoise trail " because of the stone used in jewelry? Great sunset shots.

    1. Yes, lots of old turquoise mines back in the hills and little shops selling jewellery. You would love it๐Ÿ˜˜

  7. Looks like interesting country around there. And warm temperatures!