Friday, June 28, 2024

Ignace to White River to P S Walmart to Home *END* of 2024 West trip

We arrived home about 1:30 pm Wednesday, after a good drive home. It was a good trip, lovely to see Donna and all her wildlife that came to visit. We saw some more of southern BC, some we'd seen before and wanted to see again, some was new to us. BC is a beautiful province.

If you were following us, thank you! We'd do some sort of blog just for us and our family anyway, but we really appreciate the interest others have shown in our modest travel blog. 

We took very few pictures on the way home, mostly just enjoyed the drive. Good weather and light winds helped with the long road home. I've attached maps of the last 3 days, with one little video.


Monday Jun 24

Temperature up to 22C today, but varied widely. Down to about 10C anywhere near Lake Superior.

We took hwy 17 right through Thunder Bay, which takes us right past Kakabeka Falls. Lots of water going through:

We ended up staying the night at the White River tourist centre. The building was closed, but parking is still allowed in their parking lot. Neither of us had good night's sleep though, partly due to a big rig with its trailer refrigeration unit starting up periodically all night,
parked at the nearby gas station.


Tuesday Jun 25

Steady driving (with breaks of course), wondering if we should try to get home tonight. Sanity prevailed though, when we stopped in to the Parry Sound Walmart for a break and discovered there were no "No RV Overnight" signs.

When I checked with the Customer Service manager we were pleasantly welcomed, and she even thanked us for coming in to check. We could likely have gotten home tonight, but it would have been a stretch. Not worth the risk.


Wednesday June 26

After a good night's sleep at Walmart and a few stops along the way for replenishing some home supplies, we made it home by 1:30 or so. This timing has been rare for us over the years, as we usually rolled into home much later in the day at the end of a trip.


The trip was just over 10,000 km (6,200 miles) in all. The van did well again, no problems and it averaged 8.7 L/100km (27.1 mpg US). We generally had good weather, and NO nearby forest fires or smoke. The lack of smoke was lovely, as we had expected some along the way.



  1. Last year we carried on from Sault Ste.Marie to home in the Ottawa Valley - with a stop at St.Joseph Island enroute. It just about killed us! As much as I want to head back to Superior country again, I think we are heading east this year.

  2. A great last leg if ur journey,,,, stopping in Parry Sound made sense,,,,
    Great video,,,
    Really enjoyed UR trip west,,
    Thank you,

  3. Glad you're home safe.

  4. Thanks for letting us ride along with you.

  5. Home safe & in great time! Thank you for sharing with us & particularly enjoyed the different Provinces plus the especially your BC activities.Enjoy your summer ,all the best.