Saturday, June 15, 2024

A few pictures around Donna's place

At a Japanese Garden in Penticton

Here are a few pictures from Donna's yard, and some day trips we took with her in the area over the past few days. 

One day we visited a nearby nature area on Vaseux Lake :

The park has a really nice boardwalk and viewing platform (Cathie and Donna)

A small Painted turtle checked us out

Looks like a nice cottage over there

A couple of Osprey were circling around, looking for fishy prey

Lots of ducks and geese around on the water

 An acreage nearby is converting from orchards to planting grape vines, for a future vineyard:

Imagine the labour. Each of those white plastic collars is around a new vine plant.

One morning the rams came around for breakfast about 5am (yes I was up, but remember this was 8am Ontario time). They kept a careful eye out for Sergie, who really wanted to go out and play with them:

One ram was sporting a tracking collar

Sergie really wanted to go out and play. Too early though.

One day we toured a small Japanese-style garden while on a shopping trip to Penticton:

Several large Koi swam around

We stopped in to a restaurant at a Penticton golf course for a good and reasonably-priced lunch that day. This woman had her cart well trained, it just rolled on ahead of her by itself on the path, wireless control:


Here's a bit better picture of the Osprey nest we showed in a previous post. Two adults sharing lunch this time:

And of course, there was a lot of sittin and nittin. 

On Saturday Donna and Cathie headed in to Penticton again, more shopping etc. In a mall they found a Bonsai display, put on by a local club:

Pretty neat little trees, grown by some really patient people.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we expect to start heading towards home. There may be some snow coming in the higher elevations, so we'll see how it goes. 





  1. Great Pics again,,,What a beautiful spot,,,
    Loved the pic of cathie and donna knitting,,,

  2. Ruth. You've had a great trip and a beautiful place to stay .
    It's hard to imagine snow as we expect extreme heat and humidity this week