Friday, March 17, 2017

Logan to El Dorado KS

We left Logan in the pre-dawn darkness, hoping to cover some miles before the sun was up and in our face. Turns out we didn't face the sun directly, so it wasn’t an issue. It was a warm morning, up to 10C by 6:30 am.

About 20 minutes later we were in Texas, and had lost an hour to Central Time.

#287 between Stratford and Boise City OK was very rough. Another time – take #412 from Boise City OK to #171 North to Keyes. Avoid #156 too.

We saw the difference today between scenery driving across Oklahoma:

Versus Kansas:

We stopped into Dodge City KA along the way today. It sure is a cowtown, even today. There are huge feedlots around the area, and a pervasive smell of cow. Nice tourist-friendly town with lots of huge windmills in the nearby countryside.

We mainly followed hwy 56, rather than the more major road 54, mostly because 56 is marked as scenic in our road atlas, and 54 isn't. Also, 56 led us to what looked like an easier navigation of Wichita, and that was pretty easy. I'd likely try #54 next time, but we enjoyed our Dodge City stop today.

There was lots of tree damage visible as we drove through Kansas, likely from tornados.

We made it to El Dorado, a few miles east of Wichita, about 6pm. Tired after a long day we just wanted a parking spot, and the El Dorado Walmart was happy to oblige. 

This is our first overnight stop at a Walmart, but likely won't be our last. It feels better than the real basic RV spot we stayed at (and payed $10 for) last night in Logan. The washrooms even worked here!

We had a good walk around Walmart and got a couple of subs for our supper. A good, quiet night at Walmart.

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