Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On Campobello Island

Yesterday we took the (free) govt ferry from the NB mainland at L'etete to Deer Island, then the (not free) ferry from Deer Island to Campobello. Another gorgeous day in paradise!

We got set up at Herring Cove prov park (lots of vacancies) by noon, then went out and toured a bit. We stopped at Roosevelt's Campobello "cottage" for a free tour. What an amazing place!

After a bit more road touring, we stopped at a whale watching place, and they had a small boat leaving in about 1/2 hr. So we went out on it, just the two of us and the captain. It was a great 2 hr tour, from 5-7 pm on a beautiful blue late afternoon. Of course we have lots more pictures than shown here. The boat was 26 ft long, and felt pretty small out there in the large rolling swells that were coming in.

Today we had a slow start, then went out for a driving tour of the Island. At the north end is Head Harbour Lightstation, we were just off there last night in the boat. Saw some more whale spouts and rolls from there today, very nice place to stop. After a tough morning touring, we stopped at one of the two (!) island restaurants for lunch. Cath had a small bowl of fantastic lobster stew, really a chowder with just lobster, cream and butter. Then fresh blueberry pie for the main course. Gord had a bowl of (also fantastic) seafood chowder, similar to the lobster except a mix of various things, and a fishburger. All was reallly yummy!

It's starting to cloud over today, supposed to start raining overnight. We'll be heading out tomorrow morning, across the border into Maine. Hopefully we'll get through the rain quickly.

Step1 - to Deere Island

Step 2- on to Campobello

Step 3 - visit Roosevelt summer home

Step 4 - visit Head Harbour Lightstation

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  1. We took those two little ferries to Campobello on our last trip too.