Monday, August 23, 2010

Fundy Trail Parkway (FTP) day

This morning was somewhat overcast and cool when we started along the Fundy Trail Parkway tour. It cleared up nicely and went up to about 22C. The wind was cool, but nice for our bit of hiking.

Last time we drove the FTP road, it ended at the Big Salmon River. There was a footpath over the river, and we had taken a challenging hike that way, several hours long. Today though, we could drive across the river, and we didn't feel up to a challenging hike. The new bridge over the river must have been quite a project, as there is a huge rock cut on the other side with still a steep incline on the road up from the bridge. No wonder the bridge was a real obstacle to extending the road.

Eventually, the vision is a scenic coastal road that winds its way right to Fundy Park. There's already a lot of construction going on past the current end of the road. What a drive that will be!

We'll be heading out tomorrow, aiming to get camped at Herring Cove prov park on Campobello Island.

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