Monday, August 16, 2010

(almost) 2 days on PEI

What a great couple of days these have been, Beautiful weather, some cloud and light sprinkles of rain this evening but otherwise just great.

Yesterday we stopped at a nearby seafood market, got 2 lbs of mussels for supper. Cathie just had to get some Malpeque oysters to try. She had two of them raw:

I waited for the cooked versions. Supper was the mussels, and the oysters cooked with some noodles.

Today was gorgeous, blue sky, up to 24C. We hit the beach with Meagan's family. They can walk to a large sand beach from their cottage, so we joined them there.

Zoe was pretty brave, as long as somebody was holding on. Quinn wasn't so easy in the water, but loves the sand.

This evening Gord and Clare went out on a boat for some "deep sea" fishing. I think the deepest we fished in was about 75 feet. The captain tried to get us into mackerel and cod. We caught lots of mackerel (I think everybody caught at least 10), but no cod.

The deckhand (captain's son) filleted all the mackerel, and we got quite a bit to bring home.

Tomorrow we will be moving to camp in Nancy's driveway. Meagan and co are coming in for afternoon tea (and mackerel!).

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