Monday, September 5, 2016

We were quite comfortable overnight, and as an added bonus, the washrooms in the nearby Visitors Center were open when we checked them in the lovely early morning.

Our lovely overnite camp spot

The bridge from PEI to New Brunswick

At 6:50 am we were crossing the bridge back to New Bunswick, $46 toll. The toll is only paid when leaving PEI.

We were heading for an overnight in Les Jardins park, our traditional stopover park, near the New Brunswick / Quebec border. Not to be this time – when we got there, Les Jardins was closing for the season, not even allowing primitive camping! We had stayed there a number of times in the fall, so it never occurred to us this would happen. We were really thrown for a loop.

We decided to find a stop in Quebec along Hwy 132, but it was so busy on this Labour Day Monday we decided we could make it to Ontario in decent time, so just got back on the highway and headed southwest.

All was going well until we started to get within range of Montreal, when we encountered a massive traffic slowdown. Labour Day traffic we assumed, but as we finally exited, before reaching hwy 30, we could see it was all due to an accident at an overpass.

After navigating through urban areas east of Montreal, we did finally get back on to #30 southbound, and got to Glengarry Park in Lancaster after dark, about 9:30 pm. It was a very long and tiring day, partly our own fault of course for skipping through Quebec.

Today's route:

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