Thursday, September 1, 2016

A day around Charlottetown PEI

The ladies headed in to Charlottetown today, stopping first at Timothy’s for morning coffee. Fittingly, Nancy’s son Tim works there so had a bit of a visit. Cath and Nancy browsed around several lovely little independent downtown shops, enjoying it while buying little.

Pondering Confederation

Nancy treated the two of them to lunch at Peake’s Wharf, an upstairs restaurant overlooking the main harbour and marina. Good food, good day, 22C and sunny. Meanwhile I was all on my own, so got to browse more interesting places like Princess Auto and the new Canadian Tire. :-) We had afternoon tea on the veranda again when we all got home.

On their way home, Nan and Cath invited 4 lobsters to a surf & turf supper with corn and Caesar salad, so good. The lobsters likely didn't enjoy it as much as we did. Then another evening for Cath and Nan on the veranda visiting. It poured rain overnight again.

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