Sunday, September 4, 2016

...and even more Charlottetown touring, and dinner at Kurt's

A lazy start to a lovely day. About 11 Pat dropped the 3 of us in downtown C’town on his way in to work for a bit. It was a really nice day for a browse at the market, set up along the streets in the core.

We 3 had a good walk, then met up with Pat at Peakes Quay for lunch:

We all walked around the marina some more. Cath and I each got a pair of Crocs at a season-end sale, and watched the Harbour Hippo tour boat haul itself out of the water.

Then we headed home for a relaxing couple of hours before heading out to Kurt’s house for a corn boil.

This is an annual event for Kurt, he invites some of his neighbors etc, and we were lucky enough to be here for it this year. An added surprise attraction was a birthday cake for Gord.

We enjoyed seeing a heron in the shallows in front of Kurt’s place:

We headed out about 7:15 to an overnight boondock in Borden, with a great view of the bridge to New Brunswick.

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