Friday, September 2, 2016

Touring around PEI

Overcast and windy this morning, 15C. We got to play tourist for the day, as Nancy and Pat were both at work.

We left the house about 10:00, heading out North Rustico way. Cath enjoyed a browse at the Woolen Sweater Co. The North Rustico harbour is quite sheltered so was calm, but the open water was really churning. 

We stopped in at the Kensington bakery for a few necessities, then checked out a house I had seen advertised. It seemed like a good fairly modern 2-storey house on the outskirts of Kensington, for $147,900. The location accounted for the low price though, as it was on a busy main highway right near a roundabout.

Another Atlantic Superstore grocery got some business from us, including some more St Mary’s smoked salmon, gotta love that stuff! We made some lunch and ate it in their scenic parking lot this time. It had turned sunny by now, and was up to 16C at 1pm.

Once back home, Nancy took the three of us in their car to pick up Pat from work, then the 4 of us went to Cedar’s Eatery for a Lebanese style meal, very good. Later on at home we watched a movie (?) before heading out to the van for the night.

Here’s some of the local riff-raff at Cedar’s:

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