Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Bayfield to Troy NY

Yep, another scenic Walmart

We took the easier (and likely more expensive, we won't know until the bill arrives in the mail) way today after getting in to the US, trundling across toll road I90 from Buffalo to Albany NY. Much like the 401 highway in eastern Ontario. Not too exciting, but it gave us a good jump on where we want to be.

The day started with very pleasant back road from Bayfield to Tillsonburg, and on to hwy 3 all the way to Fort Erie Ont. Along the way, especially from Tillsonburg to Simcoe, we saw large ginseng farms. This wasn't the best picture we could have taken, just a little slow with the cameras today:


The fields are all staked and then covered with shade cloth, some were likely 10-20 acres in size.

We also crossed a lift bridge over an old section of the Welland canal along the way:

Coming up on the border crossing, we've never seen so many trucks lined up to cross. This was about noon. Quite a few cars too.

Including a group of 4 Teslas from New Jersey

In spite of the volume, it just took about 1/2 hr total to clear customs and be on our way. The officer that checked us out looked pretty intimidating, with his dark uniform, bulky ballistic vest, and serious manner. Only a couple of questions though and a peek into the van, and we were through.

It was the end of a long hot day when we pulled into a Troy NY Walmart about 7pm, and it looked good to us for a night. No hassle, no fee, simple.





  1. A great first day of travels,,,
    Love the scenic Walmart parking lots,,,

  2. Glad it wasn’t a long wait at the border. I had forgotten that on your last trip to Nfld you had the trailer, this should be much easier. Looking forward to following along!

  3. looks like an excellent start!

  4. How does it feel driving the van after getting used to the Tesla?

  5. Very different. The van hardly slows down at all when I lift off of the accelerator. I actually have to use the brake pedal. :))

  6. That’s the bridge in Port Colborne on Hwy. You probably drove right past my work along the grand river in Dunnville. Safe travels

  7. We've startted crossing at Queenston..usually very quick... Enjoyed reading about your trip

    1. We have crossed at Queenston and prefer it. It's a bit out of the way for us now though.