Monday, August 12, 2019

Touring and biking around eastern PEI

Our hosts got home yesterday from their enjoyable short holiday. Cathie and I were sort of planning a touring day today, but when Pat and Nancy suggested the 4 of us do something similar we were happy to have our guides back.

First destination was Murray River, where Pat and I unloaded the bikes for a nice jaunt on a section of the Confederation Trail (part of the Trans Canada Trail network). This is a very nice short section, running from Murray River to Murray Harbour. 

An unusual mossy bank

Closeup of the moss
A very nice trail section, well-surfaced and no traffic

We had planned to eat at a place in Murray Harbour, which usually offers 2 restaurants. However both were closed, one because they apparently ran out of food due to a busy weekend, and the other because of water supply problems. So we went a little bit south to the Home Plate Irish-style restaurant, with a very Irish proprietor:

Each couple split one of the Irish Breakfast samplers. Great choice!

Much better than the picture shows, two of us split this and really enjoyed it

After a different and very good lunch, we headed to the Cape Bear Lighthouse. This was the site of an early Marconi Wireless Telegraph Station, which received the first distress call from the Titanic when it was sinking.
A lot of the structures have since disappeared, but the lighthouse is still in the same area:

The lighthouse used to be over there before the cliff eroded too far

After leaving the lighthouse, we headed for Rossignol Winery. Pat and I and the bikes were dropped off partway along, and cycled to the winery. Only 11 km, but on the road with a bit of a headwind. Yes we were tired by the time we got to the winery, but it was a pretty ride:
Horse pasture with a nice view

Pictou Island was easily seen in the distance, with the Nova Scotia coast behind it:

A tiny startup vineyard. Rossignol buys grapes from other area growers to augment their 11 acres, maybe this will supply some:

An unusual elk-like structure
And we did make it to the winery at last:

Here's a map of today's travels:


  1. Such a lovely day touring around!
    You take great photos!
    Have fun,,,,

  2. That indeed was a LONG bike ride, but well worth it for the spectacular views of Nova Scotia across the Northumberland Strait.