Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Southampton Fairy Lake, Bayfield Mews progress

Southampton has a nice little lake right in town, with walking trails. Recently a number of ash trees had to be taken down due to insect damage, and local artists were invited to get creative with the remaining stumps:

Our friend Sherry, deep in thought

 Another great meal courtesy of Don and Sherry for Sunday dinner:

Tasty salads

Roast duck, a rare treat for us
Monday we were at the Bayfield Mews for a construction update. No surprises, the new target of Dec 11 is still their best estimate. There has been progress though: the plumbing and wiring has been completed and inspected. Ductwork and insulation is starting. We had a good walkthrough and finalized the remaining decisions we needed to make.

We're still thinking of New Mexico for October, and thanks to a date change in a dental medical checkup can now leave Oct 1 instead of Oct 8. Plans are progressing. The van is in for its fall maintenance today, needed for either a trip or winter storage. If we do end up heading to New Mexico for Oct we'll be staying home for the winter then. We think we'll have a lot of settling in to do in the new place.


  1. I am heading for NM Sep. 29 from Decatur Alabama, USA. The weather should be nice and cool when you get there. Have fun.

    1. Hope we get there too, we're looking forward to it. You never know, maybe we'll see you there. Gord.

  2. The roast duck looks wonderful has been a long time for us too. Lots of great things see In New Mexico, Getting that Maintenance done is always a good thing to avoid trouble on the roads.

  3. That lake area looks interesting and all the carvings,,,
    will check it out next time we are there!
    Love cathies hair!
    Good plan to go south,,, then enjoy ur cozy spot and a first winter in bayfield!!
    Take care,,,😊😊

  4. The carvings are amazing! We're glad to hear that things are moving along, and it sounds like a really good plan to head out on a travel adventure in the meantime.